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Here to support you whatever your needs

In partnership with other organisations, we support people who live in Torus homes and neighbourhoods – people like you. Whether it’s to do with money, work, benefits, physical or mental health or simply achieving your potential and living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life, we’re here to support you and help you to overcome challenges you face. That support is available to all.

How can we help?

How we can support you

Employment & skills

Access to skills and training opportunities to help you into employment

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Money & benefits

Better manage your money and claim benefits to which you’re entitled

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Health & wellbeing

Access activities that improve health and wellbeing

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Young people

Enjoy various activities for young people in safe community environments

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Our approach to supporting you

People are often very different when it comes to the level and type of support they need, which is why we take a tailored approach. We’ll listen carefully to you to find out about your specific needs, so we can find the right support for you. Where necessary, we’ll point you in the direction of other organisations that can provide any additional support that you need.

How to contact us

Whatever your issue, when you need support you can contact us in various ways:

  • Phone 0300 123 5809
  • Email us
  • Fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can
  • You are also welcome to provide feedback about support or a service from Torus Foundation

Contact us

Read about our success stories

Throughout the year, in neighbourhoods throughout Liverpool, St Helens and Warrington, working in partnership with others, we provide funding and other resources for social projects that make a big difference to local people and their communities. Find out how we’ve helped others and what impact it has had.

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