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Lightning Reach

Lightning Reach

Lightning Reach is a free online portal which makes it easier for you to find and apply for a wide range of personalised support in one place. This can include grants, benefits, help with bills and other vital resources.

Using an email address, you will need to set up a free profile, then you will be able to see what support you may be eligible for and in one place. You will get updated if more support is added, and you can apply for multiple sources of support directly through the portal.

1. Set up a profile

Visit the Lightning Reach website. Use your email address and answer a few simple questions to set up a free profile. This should only take 10-15 minutes. You will then receive a personalised list of all the support Lightning Reach think you are eligible to apply for based on your circumstances, and information on how to apply.

2. Apply for support

Through the Lightning Reach portal, you can apply for many different sources of support, without having to give the same information over and over again.

3. Get support quickly

The portal collects all the information organisations need to assess your application. This makes it faster for you to get the help you need. Lightning Reach is very safe to use because it uses modern and secure technology to protect your information, keeping your details and documents safe.

Who can use the Lightning Reach portal? 

If your finances have taken a knock recently, or if you are worried about making ends meet, Lightning Reach could help you pay for an unaffordable or unexpected cost (e.g. food/utility bills, disability adaptations, replacement furniture/white goods).

Once your profile is set up, you will need to answer a simple 10-15 min questionnaire to quickly see a range of support they are eligible for, and then apply for support directly.

What support is available on the Lightning Reach portal? 

Over 2,500 support schemes including:

  • Grants from charities
  • Local council funding
  • Support with utility bills

In some cases, providers can accept applications directly through the Lightning Reach portal, making it easy to get the support you need. However, for some organisations, you may need to apply directly through their websites.

If you are having technical difficulties, support is available through

Connecting to your bank account, is it safe?

Lightning Reach will ask that you connect to your bank account, so they can see evidence of your financial situation. This gives their team read-only access to the last three months of transaction information and account balances. It does not provide any more information than would be included in a bank statement, but it allows much faster processing of your application. They will not be able to see your login/password information or access your bank account – do not share your login/password details either.

Wider support from Torus and Torus Foundation

Don’t forget Torus tenants and residents can also benefit from support available from Torus and Torus Foundation. Please don’t struggle alone. Speak to Torus’s Income Officers or see what advice and opportunities are available from Torus Foundation.

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