Community Investment Fund Application Form

Please be advised that this form will have to be completed within two hours.

Please read through the form before you start to make sure you have all the information you will need to complete it.

After two hours, the form session will expire and any details entered will be lost. It is also not possible to save this form. If you leave the page before the form is submitted, all entered data will be lost.



Details of your organisation/group

About your organisation/group

Policies and Insurance

Organisation Details

Funding Specification

Beneficiary Information


Financial Information

Funding and Project Activity Costs


  • A fully completed and appropriately signed copy of the application form.
  • Copy of quotes and estimates for any capital expenditure projects.
  • Details of any match funding.
  • Confirmation that your organisation has a bank account.


  1. All the information in this application form is correct.
  2. I understand that Ward Based Community Initiative Funding can only be used for the purpose in which it was given.
  3. I understand that we will have to keep to the terms and conditions specified should we break these conditions we understand that Torus Foundation can reclaim all grant funding.
  4. I understand that we will have to prove how the funding was spent and provide information on the projects progress including receipts for all transactions.
  5. I understand that the project and associated photographs and information may be used for promotional purposes.
  6. We will only spend the funding on purposes for which it was granted and accept that failure to do so may result in all or part of the funding being withdrawn and having to repay the funding back to Torus Foundation.
  7. We will repay any unspent funding within 1 month if the project is completed the project for less than the amount awarded.
  8. The project will be delivered in accordance with these conditions, the Fund Guidance and the application form.
  9. Torus Foundation has the right to withdraw or recover all or part of the funding if the application form and supporting documentation was completed dishonestly or with incorrect or misleading information.
  10. We have all the necessary permissions required by any governmental or other authority to run the project.
  11. We will obtain and maintain any insurance and policies relevant to the project and will provide evidence to Torus Foundation of these insurances on request.
  12. We will keep accurate and comprehensive records and monitoring information about the project, showing how the funding has been used for a period of 12 months after the financial year in which funding was approved.
  13. We will monitor all aspects of your project in terms of equality of opportunity. We will not discriminate against any person in respect of employment or delivery or participation in the project because of their age, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, religion or belief.
  14. We will comply with The Equality Act 2010 and all related legislative guidance or future amendments to the Act.
  15. We will submit a project evaluation report on a specified template within 1 month of completion of the project. This must include statement of expenditure for which original invoices, bills and receipts are available for inspection on request. Financial records will be retained for 12 months after the end of the financial year in which the grant was awarded.
  16. We will ensure that we have a child safeguarding policy in place if the project involves children and young people under 18 and that staff and volunteers are DBS checked in accordance with our policy
  17. We will have a Safeguarding Adults Policy in place if your organisation works with vulnerable adults.
  18. We will comply with any additional conditions specified in our grant offer letter if we accept the grant.
  19. We will not perform or exclude to do anything in the course of running this project or in any other of our activities that would bring Torus into disrepute or attract adverse publicity.
  20. We will be solely liable for our personnel, the performance of the project and any claims, damages or proceedings which may arise from our carrying out of the project and you acknowledge that Torus Foundation's and Torus' only involvement is restricted to providing funds to allow you to put the project into practice.

Torus Foundation reserves the right to make any necessary checks on information provided in this application.

I am authorised to sign this application on behalf of my group/organisation.