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After moving onto Universal Credit, Chelsea was daunted by the experience and felt under pressure to the workplaceWith all her children now in school and being a single parent, Chelsea needed something that worked round home life.

Now in touch with Torus Foundation, Employment and Skills Advisor Joan worked with Chelsea to help consider her options while remembering that childcare needs were of paramount importance, together they considered what suitable job opportunities were available across Liverpool.

With some previous experience training to help those who are autistic and have learning difficulties, Chelsea was keen to find more about a teaching assistant role.

The Foundation helped by sourcing all the information required about the course, the commitment and expectations for Chelsea to make an informed choice. Once approved, the team then engaged Chelsea to the next available teaching assistant course in Liverpool via ASPIRE Education to undergo a series of qualifications that would enable her to gain the knowledge, know-how and credibility required for such a role.

Support continued while Chelsea was completing her training and guided her to find the appropriate job role to help fit round her family.

Upskilled and eager to get started, Chelsea got the fantastic news she’d secured a role a school.

Cheslea is looking forward to be more financially secure and being in a position that will improve her prospects and peace of mind. She’s also looking forward to show an example to her young family that hard work pays off and to keep pushing forward against all odds.

Employment and Skills Advisor, Joan commented, 

“Chelsea has been a dream to work with. She showed so much commitment to her training, while juggling her extremely busy home life.  She is determinedwhich will prove invaluable when moving back into the workplace.

Chelsea adds, “Throughout the course, Torus Foundation kept in contact to see how everything was going. I was able to complete the qualifications to get me started and l start with a school this September! I couldn’t be more grateful for Torus Foundation for all their help and support.

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