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Work and training for Liverpool residents

Come along for free support to help find you work, build skills, improve your wellbeing, and make the most of your money and benefits.

Whether you are struggling to find work, looking at ways to make the most of your household income or ways to boost your confidence and overall wellbeing, the team here at Torus Foundation will deliver support or connect you to other free services in the local area. 

You will need to have basic English skills or someone with you who can translate English.

Once you are on the programme, the team can help you look at what support is available in the community to help improve your English and remove any barriers you might be facing. 

If you live in Liverpool and are age 16 and over, get in touch to find out more. Contact the team and let’s get you started.

Call 0300 123 5809 or email

If you would like to translate this into another language, click on the person in the green circle at the top of the screen and select the two small boxes like below, that will give you an option for different languages. 


How we can help you