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Thinking about becoming an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are an exciting option to get hands-on training, while putting your skills into practice and working towards a recognition.

Apprenticeships are a great chance for you to train while working towards your career goals.

Everyone age 16 and over, is encouraged to make the most of the many opportunities across the country. Not only are they a fantastic option for those leaving school or college, but are also be an option if you are thinking about changing job roles and careers.

Apprenticeship roles are offered in a variety of jobs and organisations, big and small, and wages also depend on the job and the particular employer.

What’s the cost?

All apprenticeship costs are paid for by the employer and the government, which takes away the worry to you, allowing you to concentrate on learning and earning.

As for your qualification, there are various levels to work towards so lots out there to take advantage of.

Make use of free support available

If you live in a home owned by Torus, make sure you access the support available from Torus Foundation to help you find work or build skills. Drop an email over to the team to find out about apprenticeships, training courses, creating CV's and job search and so much more -

Find your apprenticeship role

The link below connects you to all the apprentice opportunities near you. If you're a Torus customer and if an apprenticeship catches your eye, get in touch and we can help you prepare and apply.

Apprentice vacancies near you

Torus Foundation's Employment and Skills team can also help with: 

  • Job searches 

  • Creating CVs  

  • Interview preparation 

  • Training opportunities 

  • Volunteering and work placements 

  • One to one mentoring 

  • Funding needed to get your started at work 

  • Helping to remove barriers with work and training 

As well as contacting the team via, you are also welcome to upload your CV.

How we can help you