Heartland schools help launch the Torus Foundation

Almost 100 local primary school children teamed up with Torus last week to unveil a brand-new charitable force for the North West – the Torus Foundation.

A special launch event saw kids from Torus’ heartland areas take part in an interactive day of science education and sporting fun at the Foundation’s FireFit Hub youth and community centre in South Liverpool.

The day started with a series of experiments to discover more about volcanoes, static electricity and gravity, followed by an afternoon of exercises and games to shine a spotlight on the Foundation’s Health & Wellbeing agenda. Each school also received a cheque to fund essential educational initiatives.

The Torus Foundation’s work focuses on four key themes, or ‘pillars’, which are Health & Wellbeing, Employment, Financial Inclusion and Digital Inclusion. Each is designed to give people and places a platform for real, lasting change in line with the Foundation’s vision ‘for stronger communities’.

Joining together the Social Impact Team from Torus, ComMutual in Liverpool and New Leaf in Warrington, The Torus Foundation works to develop better connected, independent and sustainable communities across Torus’ three heartland areas of St Helens, Warrington and Liverpool.

Watch our launch film here.

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