Torus Foundation was proud to host a special graduation event in Liverpool earlier this month, recognising 19 local volunteers who have successfully completed their training to become Digital Champions.

The event, which took place at the Sir Thomas Hotel in Liverpool, celebrated each customer’s individual journey to gain online knowledge and confidence through Clarion Futures’ One Digital project. Torus Foundation joined this innovative initiative in 2018 to empower local people to learn key skills and use their new knowledge to train others to ‘do it online’.

You can watch highlights of the graduation event below.

James Pickup, who leads Torus Foundation’s Go Digital team, said, We were delighted to take part in Clarion Futures’ One Digital project, which builds on our long-standing provision of start-up digital support across Torus communities and focuses on unlocking employment opportunities through the use of digital tools.

“We wouldn’t have been able to complete this project without the commitment of our Digital Champions, who volunteered their time to train and now support other learners every week to develop essential web skills at one of our 25 free Digital Hubs.”

Torus Foundation partner Everton Development Trust (EDT) delivered training sessions as part of the One Digital initiative.

Take a look at EDT’s Digital Champion interviews to find out more about their involvement and the difference the project has made.

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