Apprenticeships are part of the employment support programme from Torus Foundation.

Working alongside colleagues across Torus and HMS, the Foundation has helped secure a variety of apprentice roles for Torus tenants and the wider community.

There are currently 21 people studying for an apprenticeship qualification while working within the Torus group. From joiners to business administrators, health and safety officers to chartered surveyors, people are gaining hands on valuable experience while studying towards their qualification.

Perhaps reading how some of our apprentices are doing across the business could inspire your own decision to become enroll onto an apprenticeship:

Raf’s case study – Apprenticeship helping to provide stability for Raf and his family

Emily’s case study – I now know what it’s like to be part of an integral team

Jake’s case study – Taking the degree apprenticeship route

Josh and Jamie’s case study – Adapting to continue learning during Covid

Mentoring Support

Each candidate who secures an apprentice role within the Torus group, is assigned an apprentice mentor.

Claire Lomas from the Employment Team at Torus Foundation and Emma Young from Organisational Development at Torus both provide our apprentices with support and pastoral care during their learning. By being the link with managers and learning providers, mentors help ensure apprentices are having a positive experience while part of the wider team.

Even through Covid restrictions, the team has adapted the support available to become more personal and appropriate to each person. Mentors have maintained regular contact with apprentices even through lockdown and periods of furlough, helping them to deal with new challenges, new ways of safe working and reassurance at a challenging time.

Good links have also been maintained with learning providers to ensure that the transition to virtual learning has had minimal impact on the apprentices as possible.

Claire Lomas, Employment Officer,

“We help monitor the overall progress of each apprentices and play a key role in addressing any concerns or issues the may wish to highlight. By building good relationships, apprentices feel confident in approaching us for help, advice and guidance.”

Apprentice roles and employment support

Modern apprenticeships encourage people of all ages and provide quality training in a chosen trade or role that results in a recognised qualification.

Whether it’s to apply for an apprentice role at the Torus group or with another organisation, all Torus tenants are welcome to contact Torus Foundation to request support in applying and preparing for interviews.

Register your interest to find out about future apprenticeships and other roles via the Torus job portal.

Head to the Foundation’s Talent Pool for further employment and training support available for free to all Torus tenants and leaseholders.


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