Over 300 half term hampers have been prepared and are today being distributed to families in our neighbourhoods across Liverpool, St Helens and Warrington. Thanks to the support of our colleagues in Torus’ Welfare Reform Team and the amazing team members from both Saints Community Development Foundation and Warrington Wolves Foundation who all rocked up eager to brave the rain.

North West-based construction company and contractor, HMS also kindly provided a couple of vans to make the important deliveries run smoothly.

Usually during half term, the Foundation would be welcoming lots of young people from Torus families to our school holiday camps and community activities, but due to COVID restrictions, the team came up with a plan B to ensure our families didn’t miss out and the half term fun could continue.

The convoy of deliveries was made to primary school age children who were referred to the Foundation from some of the schools we partner with and Torus colleagues working with families across our heartlands.

Each half term hamper includes breakfast and lunch supplies because children need fuel to match their energy during the school holidays.

300 – apples/satsumas, packs of pasta, tins of beans/tuna and chopped pork, loaves of bread, butter, cheese, large cordial, crisps, cereal and cereal bars, milk, jars of pasta sauce, cake, jelly, fruit shoots along with some chocolate treats sneaked in!

There’s also playing cards and a game (21 n 1!) to keep their young minds active too. Hopefully these also prove a help to parents who may be struggling to challenge to entertain the children especially when the weather isn’t great for outdoor activities.

Torus Foundation’s Health and Wellbeing Manager, Alan Feenan comments,

“I’d like to give a huge thank you to each of the partners who have contributed to the delivery of these half term hampers benefitting our Torus families. Here’s to more collaboration that enhances the Foundation’s aim for stronger communities.”

Saints Community Development Foundation’s Liam Platt said,

“We’ve spent the day working in partnership delivering essentials across our boroughs and it’s been a fantastic experience, we look forward to doing it again soon!”

Warrington Wolves Foundation’s Sport and Lifestyle Manager James Howes adds,

“It was great to see some regular faces while distributing the bags in our Warrington neighbourhoods and seeing the kids excited to receive their bags. Another great project working alongside Torus Foundation.”

Health & Wellbeing is just one area of support available to Torus tenants from Torus Foundation. The team can also be contacted for employment & training support, along with providing online skills and helping people to manage their income.

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