Driving careers forward

At Torus Foundation we support our tenants into jobs they care about, but to also work with companies in our local communities to help them fill vacancies.

One local organisation we have a great relationship with is Warrington’s Own Buses. With a skills gap for bus drivers, Torus Foundation joined forces with Warrington’s Own Buses to not only find people interested in a career as a bus driver, but to also help fund the training needed for the role.

To date, our Warrington team have hosted several open days, with 11 Torus tenants completing the training and 9 going on to working with Warrington’s Own Buses. One of those people was Tracey. Tired of working long hours for low pay as a delivery driver, Tracey was looking for a change. After attending an open day and successfully passing the initial interview, she went on to complete her level 2 qualification in Customer Service and was then able to start her bus driver training. Torus Foundation was able to support Tracey throughout the course, covering her travel expenses and offering her information, advice and guidance through face-to-face meetings.

“It’s thanks to Torus Foundation that I’ve got my current job as a bus driver. Their funding covered my training and exams – I wouldn’t have been able to afford this on my own. I’d been out of work almost 4 years, a little courier work here, and there didn’t cover the bills and damaged my decent car. I now earn a better wage and have a great work/life balance. I don’t regret a single thing. I love working with the public and I have built some great relationships with my regular customers.”

Tracey, Torus tenant

If you are a Torus tenant and want to improve your job prospects, don’t hesitate to contact the team.