Placement leads to full time role for Ste

Due to unemployment, Ste had been claiming Universal Credit for over a year. During that time, he took unpaid work experience opportunities in the hope one might lead to something paid and open the door to something more permanent.

Working with a local employment organisation in Liverpool, they pointed him towards an ILM Access to Work opportunity which was being promoted through Torus Foundation. Ste met the criteria and applied for the role to work with VPS UK. VPS has a network of branches across Europe and a local base in Liverpool.

After a successful meeting with Torus Foundation and interview with VPS, they were keen to get him started as soon as possible.

In addition to support with the placement, Torus Foundation provided 1-2-1 support to see if there was additional help available. After finding out more about Ste, the charity was also able to contribute towards a number of free diving lessons.

Ste explains,

“I came off Universal Credit as soon as the placement began as I was taking home a wage. My confidence has really improved over recent months and I feel a lot better bringing my own money home to pay keep.”

His six month placement started in the warehouse being tasked to configure the alarm systems, helping to bring the equipment up to date. Alongside working on a number of administrative tasks, Ste soon became an integral part of the team.

Recently the placement came to an end but Dave Butcher, Regional Manager for VPS, was delighted to offer Ste a full time position.

Dave commented on his new employee,

“Ste has shown up each day with dedication and delivered a great service for the company. I’m happy to have him on-board.

“It’s been a positive experience working alongside the Torus Foundation, helping young people to take steps to return to work or begin their employment journey.”

Claire, Community Investment Officer at Torus Foundation said,

“Over 80 16-29 year olds in Liverpool have benefited from the ILM Access to Work Programme since 2016. It’s great that many of the participants to the programme have either been offered longer roles within their organisations, or the placements have provided invaluable experience towards new opportunities out there.”

Ste adds,

“I’d definitely recommend others to get onto one of the placements. It’s six months of paid work and experience under your belt. There’s a great team here and I’m looking forward to see what the future holds here.”

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