How Andrew and Lillian are getting ready for work

Being out of work for several years was a huge hit to the confidence of Andrew and Lillian from Four Acre, St Helens. Not only did they want a boost to their confidence, but they were also looking to get more involved with their local community.

After being referred to Torus Foundation by Households into Work, the St Helens team quickly got Andrew and Lillian involved in their community. The pair started attending our Healthy Cooking on a Budget course where they learnt new recipes and skills and met some new people.

Recently, we have started working with UDevelop who offer our tenants the chance to gain a Level 2 qualification in RSPH Understanding Health and Wellbeing. Andrew and Lillian enrolled on the course and the pair were able to learn about nutrition, improving their confidence and communication skills and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

These fully funded sessions were a huge boost to the couple’s confidence. Before Andrew avoiding talking in public due to his stammer, now his confidence has improved, his stammer is now less obvious. The pair have also started to make changes and improvements in their lifestyle

To continue on their path to healthier living, Andrew and Lillian joined Fit4You, our free fitness class.

Andrew commented after last week’s session:

‘I’m feeling really good today. We’ve been to boxercise, we went to see our lady who has put us on a wellbeing course and we are eating healthy. All we’ve had today is excellent feedback on everything we’ve done so far I don’t normally like being told how good I’m doing but I must say I’m feeling very proud of myself and Lillian.’

Now, the pair are starting to look at their futures. Andrew is working with a Torus Foundation Employment Advisor to help him get back into work and is currently volunteering at Torus with the caretaker team.

“I really enjoy being busy and I feel like I am helping the community. It has helped me to learn all kinds of new things. One day I am helping deliver leaflets and talking to people, others I am helping to clean up the estate – no two days are the same”

Lillian is also working with an Employment Advisor and looking to start applying for customer service jobs in St Helens.

If, like Andrew and Lillian, you are out of work and looking to make positive changes in your life, get in touch with our teams in Liverpool St. Helens and Warrington.